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Throughout my experiences, I’ve had the honor of being recognized with various awards and accolades. Take a look below to learn more about my recognitions, and contact me directly with any questions.

Iseult Honohan Doctoral Scholarship Recipient - University College Dublin

September 2022

The aim of the scholarship is to attract applicants of the highest academic calibre to pursue a PhD in the UCD School of Politics and International Relations, and to provide them with the training, experience and mentorship necessary to their professional development.

Political Science Graduate Student of the Year - University of Southern Mississippi

April 2022

This award goes to the graduate student on the Hattiesburg campus with the highest overall GPA in course in the program.

Graduate Student Hall of Fame - University of Southern Mississippi

April 2022

Each year the Graduate School features top graduate students, selected because of their outstanding academic performance, scholarship, accomplishments, and attitude from each college in the Graduate Student Hall of Fame

Susan A. Siltanen Graduate Research Symposium, 3rd Place - University of Southern Mississippi

April 2021

Presented: "The Depiction of Teachers in the News: Relationship Between Media Discourse and Policy"

Outstanding Student Teacher University of Southern Mississippi

May 2021

This award is given annually to a history licensure student in recognition of their excellence in student teaching. During my student teaching experience, I taught 7th grade U.S. history from Exploration to Reconstruction at N.R. Burger Middle School in Hattiesburg, MS.

Joseph B. Parker American Politics Award- University of Southern Mississippi

May 2021

The award is named after Dr. Joseph B. Parker, a former professor in the Political Science Department at the University of Southern Mississippi. It goes to a student nominated by the faculty for superior performance in American politics courses during the academic year.

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